“Nina has inspired me as a teacher. She is thorough in her teaching imparting her knowledge and skills clearly through structured lessons. Her patience, generous and friendly personality are all qualities that make Nina a highly professional musician and an outstanding teacher.”

(Alicia Rendle, Singer and Singing teacher)

“Whilst my time as a student was short, working with Jess has been very beneficial not just in developing the skills and knowledge to obtain Grade 8 Theory of Music but also in broadening my musicality.  With the use of various musical resources coupled with sound advice this has helped me approach more complex areas of music with confidence .  Highly recommended for adults and children who wish to develop their musical skills.”

(Andrew Tomala, Theory of Music Student)

"Nina is a wonderful piano teacher.  She's patient, friendly, makes learning interesting and finds ways to engage her students.  She's always happy and smiling.  I'm so glad we found her to teach our four year old daughter.  Excellent work Nina."

(Stella To, Parent)

"One word, amazing.  I have been taking lessons for a short time but feel that I have learnt alot.  The way that Nina teaches is amazing. 
I understand every task that she gives me."

(Kelly McWilliam Adult, Drama, Piano And Singing Student)

"I always find lessons very fun and they always make me want to practise what I have learnt, at home."

(Lottie Saldanha 14, Piano student)

"My daughter is very happy to attend her piano lessons with Nina.  She is very patient and employs different strategies to engage my daugher."

(Lorraine Pearson, Parent)

"Tayla has really enjoyed her lessons with Nina.  As parents we feel Tayla has gained confidence in her ability to play the piano.  Nina is easily approachable to discuss our child's progress."

(Leanne Newbury, Parent)

"I think Nina is a great teacher.  She helps you alot and if you don't get something she will go through it again to help you understand and she never gets angry with you."

(Katie Chapman 14, Keyboard Student)

"Nina is an excellent teacher.  She is very patient and makes the lessons good for a five year old.  Highly recommended."

(Nicola Hart, Parent)

"Ruby enjoys her piano lessons very much, she is always eager to show me what she has learnt when she gets home.  Nina makes the lessons fun for her as she is only four years old."

(Michelle Arnold, Parent)

"Nina has been an inspiration to Samantha and her piano playing has come on a long way since starting lessons.  She always enjoys her lessons and Nina puts across the subject very well with enthusiam and fun".

(Colin Anns, Parent)
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