We teach piano lessons to students of all abilities both children and adults.  My lessons for children have plenty of games, quizzes and interactive tools to make our lessons as fun and engaging as possible.  I also use a great set of children's piano books.  Your child will not be bored in my classes!

We underestand that the learning need of an adult differs greatly from that of a child.  Therefore we always try to offer older students the opportunity to choose the pieces and type of music they would like to play.   Once you have learnt the basics you can play the music that you have always wanted to play! We also use a great set of core books which will provide you with structure that you will need to progress in your playing.  We have an extensive range of books and materials in our studio which we make available to our students.  However if we do not have what you are looking for we have been known to go to great lengths to get students that sheet music that they request! Lessons are taught on an excellent Offenbach Upright piano which has a lovely mellow tone and is the perfect size for both children and adults

Pianos Options

If you are taking piano lessons it is important that you have a piano to practise on at home.  Many people practise on a keyboard at home even when they are having piano lessons.  A keyboard will be sufficient for a year or so, however after this we strongly recommend that you consider investing in a piano if you would like to continue with lessons or take exams.  There are many great options which makes owning a piano more affordable than it used to be.  The Piano Gallery in Faringdon has a range of pianos to suit all budgets and offer a 0% finance scheme.


We enter students for the Trinity College London graded examinations.  For more information on taking piano exams please see our
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