Nina Minshull BA, MA
Business Owner And Teacher

My interest in music came at a young age when I started playing the electronic keyboard and taking music theory lessons.  I found that playing an instrument was an excellent way for me to stay motivated and was somehow a therapeutic experience for meAfter playing the keyboard for some years my tutor suggested that I start playing the piano.  I was surprised at how different this felt to playing the keyboard and I spent many hours understanding the differences between these two instruments.   

Once I finished my A-levels I went on to study for a degree in Drama and English Literature.  Three years later I graduated with a first class degree and the highest mark of the year.  I decided to take my love of theatre a step further when I studied for a postgraduate qualification at The University of Exeter graduating with a Masters in Theatre Practice. When I was at University I became fascinated with how interlinked theatre and music are. I have often combined my love of both subjects,  acting and playing the piano on stage at the Barbican TheatreRoborough Studios and Swindon Dance  

After I graduated I worked for several years both in employed positions and as a freelance artist.  The organisations I worked for including Swindon Dance, Kala The Arts and the Youth Dance Academy

I can honestly say that music and drama have had a huge impact on my life.   My business is based on a personal love and understanding of these subjects, and my desire to help and motivate others.  And having worked in the Town Hall for some time I could think of no place better in which to base my businessI choose to teach because I love it.  It is my passion for the arts and more importantly my passion for engaging with and helping people which I believe makes Swindon Piano 'N' Drama Studio unique.

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