We teach keyboard lessons to students of all abilities both children and adults.  Having started my musical journey many years ago on a keyboard, we have extensive experience with electronic keyboards and their technological features.  So we can hopefully help you get the best out of all the amazing sounds that your instrument has to offer.  Many people make the mistake of presuming that a piano is the same as a keyboard.  Although there are some similarities the function and features of a keyboard differ greatly from a piano.  A person who can teach the piano cannot automatically teach the keyboard!

We have a keyboard in the studio that you can use when you have lessons with us.  However you are welcome to bring your own and provide me with your model number or user manual so we can help you navigate your own keyboard! Our lessons for children have plenty of games, quizzes and interactive tools to make our lessons as fun and engaging as possible.  We also use a great young person's keyboard book.  Your child will not be bored in our classes!

We understand that the learning need of an adult differs greatly from that of a child.  Therefore we always try to offer our older students the opporutnity to choose the pieces and type of music they would like to play.   Once you have learnt the basics you can play the music that you have always wanted to play! We also use a great set of core books which will provide you with structure that you will need to progress in your playing. 

We will provide all the supporting materials and we have been known to go to great lengths to get our students the songs that they request!


We enter students for the Trinity College London graded examinations.  For more information on taking exams please see our exams section.

Please contact us  today to see what we can offer you!

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