Where Are You Based?

Lessons are held on the top floor of the Town Hall in Regent Circus, which currently consists of a fully equipped teaching room, office and waiting area. 

What Qualifications Do You Have?

Our teacher have a wealth of both academic and practical experience as well as being accomplished performers.  For more information on the business owner's profile please click here.

Are Your Teachers Insured And CRB checked?

Yes our teachers have an upto date DBC check and are covered under Swindon Piano 'N' Drama public liablity insurance. You can request to see copies of the documents at any time.

Is Your Premises Insured?

Yes our teaching room is insured under the Musican's Union.  The  contents and instruments are insured against accidental loss, theft or accidental damage.

Do You Enter Students For Exams?

Yes we enter students of any subject for the Trinity CollegeLondon graded examinations.

Do I Need To Have Had Lessons Before?

No.  All our lessons are suitable for complete beginners.

Do You Teach Children And Adults?

Yes.  We teach students from age of 4 upwards.  We would recommend that students under the age of 11 years old have a 30 minute lesson and students over the age of 11 have a 60 minute lesson.  

Do You Cater For People With Learning or Physical Disabilities?

Yes, we strongly believe music and drama should be accessible for everyone.  We currently have students with a range of disabilities (both physical and mental).  A parent or carer is welcome to sit in on the lesson with the student.  There is wheelchair access to the studio through a lift and ramp.  Please discuss your needs at the introductory session. 

What Will I need In Order To Start Lessons?

This depends on which subject you are interested in.  We will advise you of anything you need during our introductory session.  Books can generally be purchased from ourselves at a cost of no more than £20.  You will need to bring the folder and notebook that we give you along with your payment and any books to your first lesson.

If you have any other questions which we have not covered in this section then please feel free to contact us.  We are always happy to answer any questions which you might have!
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